Alphabet Soup: Letter Jackets across Kansas

They are a common sight at any area high school sporting event, yet they largely go unnoticed.  They are a source of individual and community pride, but often they are not recognized as such.  They are a source of cherished memories of years past and now it is time to showcase these amazing artifacts.  The Kansas Sports Hall of Fame is proud to announce the opening of a special exhibit that features one the state’s greatest off the field identifiers of athletic achievement: the letterman’s jacket. 

The exhibit, titled “Alphabet Soup: Letter Jackets across Kansas,” explores the uniqueness of the often overlooked piece of clothing by putting different jackets from across the state, and from different eras, on display.  The exhibit shows the evolution of the letterman’s jacket; from its humble beginnings as letterman’s sweater to the heavy, patch-laden jackets worn by today’s athletes.  “Alphabet Soup” explains the traditions.

Developed in part through a grant from the Kansas Museum Association, the exhibit will educate and inspire both young and old by recounting the history of some of the state’s greatest athletes through their letterman’s jacket or sweater.

Dickey_Lynn1_-_websizedThe Kansas Sports Hall of Fame at the Boathouse is open Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm.